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Goldfish Care for the Summer!! A Summer Goldfish Pond!

A Summer Goldfish Pond!
Build your own Goldfish Pond the quick and easy way!

Summer is the time of year when you might be thinking of giving your goldfish an outside home. Here's a goldfish pond that worked great for me and I didn't have to dig up my yard or spend a lot of money. I would like to share this unique goldfish pond with you.

Order a 300 gallon Rubbermaid livestock trough from Tractor Supply or any Livestock and Farm Supply.Then add our Pond Filter  Kit. If you can't find a Rubbermaid Dealer near you, phone 1-800-362-1000. The size of the 300 gallon trough is 25 inches high x 63 inches long and 69 inches wide. At one time I had ten goldfish ponds set up just like this and I couldn't believe the health, color and growth of my goldfish.

Treat your 300 gallon New Goldfish Pond just like you would your goldfish aquarium, with these additions. Place a two foot by four foot piece of insulation board on top of the goldfish pond to give your goldfish shade from the sun. Add our Goldfish Pond Filter with the water fountain in the middle of the goldfish pond and set it and the pump on two cement blocks (not stacked, side by side) to keep it off the bottom of the goldfish pond. Note: Set the cement blocks with the holes of the blocks open so the goldfish can swim through them.

Now here's the best part!
What I like best about our Goldfish Pond Filter Kit is, it is very easy to maintain, does a great job of filtering and adds a water fountain to keep the goldfish pond water well oxygenated, (you do not need an air pump) plus, it comes with a perfect size pump. All you have to do is plug it in, it's that easy!  Here's the link for more details: 

With good goldfish care, I think once you set up the Goldfish Pond and see how well your goldfish thrive, you'll set one up every summer. I know your goldfish will love their summer home, dining on the natural algae and bugs.  Plus, you'll really enjoy the sound of the water fountain, it's very relaxing!

Note: Some goldfish ponds might need a wire top to protect your gold fish from raccoons or other predators.

There's more!  
After using the 300 gallon troughs as goldfish ponds for five years I had no problem selling them to people with livestock for almost as much as I paid for them!

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