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Excellent for treating, Hexamita, the first signs of dropsy and skinny goldfish.

Metro-Med is a krill based food that contains Metronidazole and an antibiotic used for treating Hexamita (hole in the head) in Goldfish. A very deadly and contagious disease, Plus, we found it very helpful in treating goldfish that would eat but would remain very thin. After a 2 week treatment many, very thin Goldfish started putting on weight. We also found it very effective in treating the first signs of dropsy.

Q: Rick, I see you say that Metro-Med is effective against the "first signs of dropsy" what do you mean?

Many of our Goldfish Collectors found that if you treat your Goldfish with Metro-Med as soon as you see any signs of partial dropsy (not fully pine coned) Metro-Med stopped the partial pine cone and the fish were fine in most cases.

My fish had raised scales and pine conning and was inflated to about twice his normal size. I have had 4 fancies in a 75 planted tank for years and I have never had any diseases or infections, so I was a little slow to recognize the symptoms of dropsy. By the time I checked Rick's site and read that Metro Meds may be effective in the early stages and that this was fatal, I did not have a lot of hope. By the way, I have Rick's book as well, and it is like the Encyclopedia of Goldfish. I fed the entire tank the Metro Meds for 2 weeks and the afflicted fish started to look better in a few days. He made a full recovery. I don't why the fish loved, loved this food, and I feed them a varied diet and this was by far their favorite food. I wish I could feed them this all of time. Thank you so much! Deb Sulli - Deborah Sulli

Hi, I just want to congratulate you Rick on you fantastic product. I searched for hours online trying to find some medication that would work for my 7" Oranda I noticed several scales starting to poke out and his white scales started to turn red with blood marks from the scales sticking out. I found your web page and read all the stories of the Metro Meds working so I purchased Metro Meds received the shipment in a couple days as promised. Within two days I saw a big change my fish was more active ready to eat and red marks disappeared within four days! I Love Metro Meds I would recommend it to everyone with a fish with dropsy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Erica .A - Erica

Before I forget, I want to post a review for this amazing product, and the equally amazing people over at Goldfish Connection! Just last week I noticed that my little ryukin - a favorite, since I started with her last year and almost lost her to septicemia - had bulging eyes, raised scales, and overall signs of dropsy. I immediately moved her to a quarantine tank, but - alas! I had no Metro Meds! I was advised of your product by the people over at Koko's Godlfish Forum, and immediately sent in an order for a small-size bag. I put a note on the order requesting fast shipping, as I wasn't sure my ryukin would make it to the next week (I ordered on a Wednesday, I think). The meds got to my apartment that same FRIDAY and I could not have been more thrilled! I'm so happy that GC was able to get my MMs out quickly; I think it was because of this, and the fact that I caught little Speckle's illness early on, that she is doing much better this week and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a full recovery :) Overall, a GREAT product, and a WONDERFUL company to work with! I have ordered from you many times, and have only good things to say! Thank you!!! - Kacey R.

I have a Red Cap Oranda that was pineconing and I thought it was sure to die! I ordered this food and the fish looks perfect now! No more pineconing! I have lost several fish to this and really can't believe how awesome this food is!! I also bought the Metro Gold which my fish will be getting after the specified treatment time period on the instructions! I can't say enough good things about this food. - Connie Anderson

Thank you, thank you,thank you. I can not say enough how happy I am to have found your MetroMeds. I had lost one of my Shubunkins to Dropsy and everything I read about this awful disease only assured a death sentence and no cure. Unfortionatley, one of my other fish also came down with Dropsy and I was afraid the same thing would happen. With further search of the web, I found The Goldfishconnection. I read many good little miracles about MetroMed that I couldn't pass up the opportunity of purchasing it. After 3 days the "pinecone" effect was gone and now my 2 year old Goldfish is going strong on her 12th day. Now, I can't wait to purchase some of your other fishfood to make my fish healthy and stronger. Once again, Thank you. - Marisa

A few months ago my beloved four year old black moor began showing signs of dropsy. I looked high and low all over the internet for something that could help my poor girl. I eventually ran across a wonderful website to who I am still a proud member of! The first thing they told me to do was order metro-meds! I was a little unsure since I had heard that once dropsy had begun it was impossible to treat. I got the meds in and started her on the feeding schedule. By the beginning of the second week she started looking better! By the end of the feedings, she was back to 100%! I didn't think it was possible, but this food saved my little girl! Thank you so much for caring about goldfish enough to create such a wonderful medicine! - Anastasia

Hi Rick, I just wanted to thank you so much for providing your site and medicated food. I was so distraught, certain that despite my efforts my fish would not recover from the dreaded dropsy. But I received the Metro Meds Tuesday and lo and behold this morning (Thursday) I find the pine-coning, which was full-blown as of Monday, has completely gone down. I could not believe my eyes! I know that does not mean she is no longer ill and of course I must continue to treat her for the remainder of the 14 days (and of course, continue to take extra care to be sure she stays healthy), but to see her actually getting better has made me happier than I can describe. Of my six fancy goldfish, she has always been the most fragile one by far (a 3-year-old red cap oranda named Queen), suffering from swim bladder problems through all sorts of food I have tried. But despite my worry that the Metro Meds might block her up the way other pellets do, it has caused nothing of the sort (and she gobbles it up!) I cannot thank you enough for this product and I will always recommend your site to any other goldfish enthusiast I encounter. You are my and Queenie's hero! - Kirsten

I am feeling like a miracle has occured ! My 2 friends have gotten better FROM DROPSY just after using Metromed for 3 days. Bronson the lionhead and Yuki the ryukin were bloated and pineconing, hiding and darting, and I was searching for something to help them. I have lost at least 4 dear friends to this horrible disease. I have tried all kinds of "possible remedies" through each sad duel, only to lose them in the end. They even love to eat the Metromed, which has helped because in the past I have cried while trying over and over to get my Orange Julius to try one medicated food. Sadly, he died. I really have excellent water quality and feed my goldfish well. I think dropsy is dormant in fish somehow and some combination of things (diet, temp.,?) causes it to suddenly "occur". Anyway, thankyou thankyou so much. - Brier Hess

Thank you, thank you so much! My beloved lionhead started to show signs of dropsy. At first she just looked fat and then she started to pinecone. What a painful awful thing for her. Then I send for your Metro-Med. I figured it was too late for she was even bleeding from some scales being so lifted. The Metro-Med came very quickly. By that time she was hardly eating. But....she ate just one bite the first day, then the second she started eating a little. She slowly deflated and by 10 days seemed perfectly healthy. She is VERY HAPPY and healthy. Thank you for your quick response! My friend is back. Thank you once again, Shawn Anderson, NV - Shawn Anderson

Hello again, my butterfly moor is back in his tank and doing great, after two weeks of Metro Meds. Metro Meds worked ! Thank you. Donna B. NY - Donna B

Thanks again Rick for everything ! One of my Butterfly Moors that I got last year from the auction, developed the first signs of dropsy. I ordered the Metro Meds, and have been giving it to him for a over a week now, he has improved and looks great, he's almost ready to go back into his regular tank soon. Thanks for all your great products. Donna - Donna Benvin

I love Metro Meds! They REALLY help cure Head in the Hole diease! If I see a red tiny spot around my goldfish head area I give metro meds to prevent the red spot turning into a hole. I wish I had metro meds when I lost my prize Ranchu! Svtjulian-Los Angeles - Julian

metro meds are the best medicated food , some of my fishes with dropsy has recovery in just 1 week thanks rick for your excellent Metro meds ! Adam - Adam

Several months ago, I lost a black oranda to dropsy. I was totally devastated as it was one of my favorites. I had tried everything including malachite green, salt baths, maracyn, maracyn II, and furanase. Nothing worked. More recently, my red/white oranda also developed full blown dropsy and I was sure that it was a goner. I ordered Metro-Med and I fed it to my sick oranda. Within less than a couple of days, all the signs of dropsy disappeared and my red/white oranda was back to normal. It was a truly miraculous recovery! I wish I had known about Metro-Meds to treat my black oranda. Thank you Goldfish Connection! Chi, SF, CA - Chi

Dear Rick / Goldfish Connection, I have a beautfiul red cap oranda, 11.75 inch big, head to tail, a real big boy ( Steppen on - giant oranda ). He has stopped eating for three weeks before I put him on Metro-Med. For first feeding, I know I have to forced- feed him. He just spit out the foods, but I know he did digested something from it. I then dumped some Metro-Meds into his pond, although he was not eating. The next day, the foods were still there. On the third day, the foods were completely gone! And so I proceed to feed some more. As soon the foods were inside, he went after them...slowly.. That's incredible! Three weeks not eating and now he is... This is great stuff, you guys! Steppen l - Steppen

Last month, I ordered the Metro-Med and the Jump Start kit, because my almost 20 year old goldfish was showing the first signs of dropsy. I called, and the nice lady that answered the phone, kindly shipped it, not only the same day, but shipped it next day air - and on Saturday! (I'm sorry I didn't think to get her name) The food arrived on Saturday, and we fed "Mr. Fish" the first day. On the second day of feeding, he began to improve and was more lively, and by the end of the fourth day, the last of his scales flattened down. Then much to our surprise, he began to thin out some. He must have been retaining water also! Oh, dear! He is a 3/$1.00 comet goldfish I bought in 1987, and we thought his days were numbered. He has finished his 14 days of medications and we now have him on the Jump Start. He continues to be much more lively - like his old self. It's truly unbelievable. We (our whole family) are ever so grateful for the medication. My husband was so relieved to see that Mr. Fish was going to make it. We are still amazed to see how well he looks now. Marianne H. Pacifica, Ca - Marianne

Ric: I've lost a couple of fish to dropsy in the past and felt helpless as we watched them die. I decided to purchase the Metro-Meds after reading the reviews figuring that it couldnít hurt to have on hand. Iíve had three of my petstore purchased fish come down with dropsy in the last two months and at the first sign of it we quarantine them in a .03% salt solution and fed them the Metro-Meds. I am happy to report that after the quarantine and Metro-Meds all three fish are still with us today and doing GREAT!!! Thank you very much for your information and products. Jorell D. Griffie Denver, CO - Jorell D. Griffie

Hello, Rick, I have been waiting for your website's Goldfish Showroom to open so that I may consider purchasing a couple of goldfish. Will you have fish available soon? I'd prefer not to purchase from a petshop like I did 9 1/2 years ago. I am very grateful to your website and its goldfish information. My $1.99 (each) Calico Fantail & Blue Oranda lived healthy 8 and 9 years due to the knowledge gained from your website. Thank you! Lydia - Lydia

I "adopted" an oranda from a fish store. It was very sick with dropsy. I have a stash of Metromed just in case my own fish get sick. I put the sick oranda in a bare bottom tank with a power filter and heater set at 78. The oranda was fully "pineconed". I began giving it the Metromeds, and within three days I noticed the bloating going down! After its two week treatment, the dropsy is gone, and the oranda has even grown! I attribute its recovery to improved water quality and, mostly, Metromed! - Victoria

I only used Metromed once to treat hole-in-the-head on my fish, but when I found 3 of my goldfish with slight pine coning from dropsy, and I ran low on Medigold, I gave them Metromed instead, after reading here that it treats the early stages of that illness. And wouldn't you know, all 3 of them did return back to their normal size after a few days! They are still on it for the reminder of the 14 days, but I can say I have never seen a fish go back to normal so fast! - Andrea

Dear Rick,
Since I am a volunteer fish caretaker at a local store, I have to treat a variety of fish and illnesses. Most recently I isolated a small gourami with the classic emaciated body/big headed look of hexamita. I brought him home and started him on Metro-med (broke up the pellets to a size small enough for him to eat), and within two DAYS he started filling out and resuming his normal activity. It's like a miracle. He's got another week left on the 14-day course, and he's not only regaining his health, he's growing!

Thanks for a great food,
Kathy Law
- x

Rick, As you know I have had a lot of my fish for a couple of years. Many of them were not "spring chickens" when I bought them. I have a pond I put a lot of them in during the summer and it has no UV filter. I had noticed, while nothing really wrong, they just weren't as lively as before. I feed them the "Metro-Med" you suggested for two weeks. I am impressed at the renewed vitality!! They are swimming around like "young bucks" again!! I am convinced that older fancy goldfish don't always have strong immune systems and sometimes spend a lot of energy fighting off small bacterial infections. I have decided to treat them with "Metro-Med" at least every six months. Thanks for the tip and feel free to use my letter to share my results. - Bob Thorn Mecca, OH

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