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Finally a medicated food developed just for GOLDFISH! You no longer have to break up those Huge medicated Trout and Catfish pellets that your Goldfish refuse to eat. MEDI GOLD is a small slow sinking pellet, loaded with krill, shrimp and other ingredients


Medi Gold

Finally a medicated food developed for GOLDFISH and CICHLIDS!

You no longer have to break up those Huge medicated Trout and Catfish pellets that your fish refuse to eat. MEDI-GOLD is a small slow sinking pellet, with ingredients your fish love, like, krill, shrimp, and much more, that encourages your sick fish to eat.

MEDI-GOLD contains three of the most effective medications on the market today. The most popular pet shop medicated food only contains ONE medication. That's what makes MEDI-GOLD so much more effective against tough Bacterial and Fungal Diseases.

Now Here's the best part! As we all know some stressed or sick fish eat very little, and research has shown your sick fish must eat at least 3% of its body weight of most medicated food everyday to be effective. The good news is, using MEDI-GOLD all your sick fish has to eat is 1% of its body weight. That's just 1/3 of the medicated food your stressed or sick fish has to eat if you treated it with other medicated fish foods.

MEDI-GOLD contains krill meal, shrimp meal, fish meal, wheat germ, soybean meal, fish oil, ect. 38% protein, 12% fat, stabilized Vitamin C plus many, many more Vitamins and minerals.

If kept in an airtight container in a dry, cool, dark place, MEDI-GOLD should last for six months.

Please remember, you are not feeding MEDI-GOLD for growth, you are only feeding it when your dfish are sick and need an antibiotic, then for at least 10 to 14 days.

MEDI-GOLD should NOT be fed as a daily food nor as a preventive. Feeding MEDI-GOLD daily or as a preventive will make it ineffective when your fish are sick and really need an Antibiotic food. MEDI-GOLD is to be fed to SICK or STRESSED fish ONLY , and then for at least 14 to 30 days.

MEDI-GOLD is a good food to feed to your NEW fish for 10 to14 days after you receive them. It will help them fight off any Bacterial attack they might suffer from being stressed from shipping.

There's More! The cost for a 3.7 ounce size of the most popular medicated food with only ONE medication, from a leading Mail Order Supplier is, $7.69.

Approximately Eight ounces of MEDI-GOLD (which is more than twice the size of the other food) is only $11.99, or the big 12 ounce size for only $15.99


If you need a very high quality medicated food for your sick or stressed fish

MEDI-GOLD can't be beat!


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Q: Is Medi-Gold ok for cichlids? I have a flowerhorn with pitting body ulcers that just wont go away. And how long is its shelf life? Thanks.

Hi, Medi-Gold has never been tested on Flowerhorns, however, it has been tested on Oscars. I see no reason why it would not help. Shelf life if stored in a cool, dry place, app. six months. Rick

Q: I just fed my fish medi-gold and they attacked it! This is the most they have eaten in days! They have had clear, stringy fecal matter for the last week and I have been waiting for the medi-gold to arrive. I just have one question. Is it okay to break them down a little smaller b/c my small oranda is having a hard time getting them down, but he is chewing away! He loves it. They would not even eat the other brands of medicated food. The other medicated foods just floated on top of the water until I finally fished them back out of the tank! Thank You, This stuff is GREAT!!!

Hi, I;m glad you goldfish enjoy the Medi-Gold. No problem breaking the Medi-Gold into a few smaller bites, however, I would not crush them. Even the smallest fish will be able to eat it but it takes them longer. Thanks, Rick

Q: Hi, I just ordered some Prazi and some Medi Gold. I suspect flukes in my tank, and had just ordered the medicated food to have on hand. Today, while changing some water, I noticed the white stringy feces that accompanies internal infections floating in the tank. I'm not sure which fish it came from. Can Medi Gold be fed to all of them safely? Also, can I treat with Prazi and feed Medi Gold at the same time? Thank you.

Hi, Yes, you can and should feed Medi-Gold along with the Prazi if you suspect flukes. Just in case the flukes gave your fish a bacterial infection which they can and do very often. Medi-Gold can be fed up to 30 days, however, 10 to 14 days should take care of the bacterial infection. I find that if one fish is sick the others will follow, so feeding Medi-Gold to all of them for 10 to 14 days will not hurt them. You just do not want them to develop "Super Bugs" by feeding a Medicated Food for no reason. Rick

Q: Will feeding Medi-Gold affect my tank's bio-filter, the way a regular antibiotic would?

That's the nice part about feeding Medi-Gold, you can give your fish anti-biotoics with out hurting the bio filter. Plus, you know the fish are receiving the anti-biotics and it's not being lost in the tank water. Rick

Q: Hello, Is MediGold safe & effective for 'Tropicals' as well? ( i.e. Dwarf Gourami) Are the pellets small enough for a DG to eat? there a MediGold in 'flake' form? If not, can the pellets be easily broken into bits? Thanks

Hi, I'm sorry, for the delay in answering your question, we were having problems with our software. Medi-Gold has never been teated on "Tropicals". Rick

Q: How long should I feed Medi-Gold?

Medi-Gold must be fed at least 10 to 14 days. Feeding Medi-Gold for just a few days will produce "Super Bugs" that will become immune to the medication. Medi-Gold can be fed up to 60 days.

Medi-Gold is really a miracle-worker. My Oranda was listless while fighting a battle with a bacterial infection. She refused to eat, and hardly wanted to move. After trying all kinds of meds, I finally stumbled on Medi-Gold. I barely dropped her first pellets into the tank and she proceeded to devour every morsel! She practically did flips for it! Clementine went from death's doorstep to "One of the healthiest fish I have ever seen!" (according to my LFS guy) in just about 2 weeks. This really is a mandatory antibiotic food for ANY goldfish keeper. - Chelsea McCluer

Wow, wish i would of done my research before I added new Gold fish to my tank. My prize goldie was exposed to an infection flex. unfortunately all OTC meds worthless.all my fish died.... Very upsetting. New start, another fish small ulcer that grew quickly. Removed fish from tank into a hospital tank and used the sulfa compound and fed the fish medi-gold. 7 days, ulcer is healthy and gained wt. AMAZING!!!! These products work, I was very skeptical, but I thank Goldfish Connection for saving my fish.... Excellent products. - sgarrett42

Rick, This is Rev. Wesley in MD. I have dosed the fish and most have recovered. I lost all of my barred tetras. I lost a dearly beloved Calico Ryukin that I bought as a baby five years ago. My other five year olds have pulled through, thank God. They are looking wonderful now. All of the lethargy and red veining in their tails is gone. Rick, WHAT DO YOU PUT IN THAT MEDIGOLD? They go insane when I put it in the tank. You would think that they are junkies and the medigold is a “fix!” They tumble over themselves to get it. Some of them literally turn end over end in their haste to get to it. Congratulations on producing an incredible product. They are all fully fleshed and vibrant again. I can’t wait to start feeding them the ProGold. I test fed a morsel or two and they went stupid over that too. Thanks for helping me and pulling most of my babies through. All of that pain, suffering, and fish loss over a 10 cent feeder!!! Take care, Rick. Rev. Wesley - Rev Wesley

Medi-Gold and Metro-Med are MANDATORY medicated foods for your exotic goldfish! My first black lionchu died because of hole-in-the-wen (hexamita). I had ordered Medi-Gold instead of Metro-Med, and too late discovered my mistake. I quickly ordered Metro-Med, but I didn't do it soon enough. When my black Lionchu, Zorban, developed a hole in his beautiful wen, I immediately recognized it. This disease is a pretty fast killer so I immediately began feeding the entire tank Metro-Med food which I still had on hand. I fed them Metro-med for exactly 20 days to be sure his hexamita was gone and he survived! Three weeks later, his wen even grew back. Two weeks ago, due to my own neglect, Zorban was curled at the bottom of my tank. The nitrate was too high and although the other exotics weren't affected, he was. I was sure he was a goner. I had one hope left: Medi-Gold. This food is a miracle food! Goldfish in that bent position rarely return, but Zorban not only returned, he's thriving! Rick has given our exotics a second, even third chance at life with this food, and me another chance to be a better servant. My advice to anyone reading this, and if you haven't already, please order and stash both of these medicated foods. They are a MUST-HAVE. Stored in a cool, dry place, they are good for six months and GoldfishConnection is very reasonably priced for the best medicated food in the world. Ida C, VA. - Ida from SoCal

Hi, First, I just wanted to give a glowing review of your Medi-Gold food. I have a goldfish that has been fighting a bacterial infection for a while now and no medication were curing it all the way (he would remain lethargic). Within a few days of using your food, he is back to his normal self and unlike other anti-bacterial foods, your food is actually palatable for my fish. Thank you. Judy O'Conner NY, NY - Judy

Thank you for selling your food medications!!!! For 1 of my goldfish, I'd tried 3 different store bought "add to the water" meds. She'd get better only for a few weeks, then get weird looking fins again & an odd tumor thing on her side! Your Medi-Gold and Metro-Meds (I fed one for the recommended time, then the other for the recommended time) was the only thing that got rid of her illness and KEPT it away and she HAS NEVER been sick again, that was three years ago at least. HONESTLY! This time her oldest and largest tank mate had fins that were DISAPPEARING and he just sat at the bottom of the tank. Your food, and a 20 gallon quarantine tank, that I can do 90 % water changes on every few days, is fixing him up. Even my husband (who is sick of all my tanks) saw how ill the fish was and he was very sad & would ask about him each day. Now that the fish is better he said "it was well worth buying special medicated food, thank goodness he's ok now, poor guy" The main thing is he WOULDN'T EAT, BUT HE IS EATING THE MEDI-GOLD. He is also acting normal again. YAY! Sandy, FL - Sandy Olsen

Rick, I just sent a review on Medi Gold, but forgot to include my name and city. It saved "Venus" my prized oranda. (please include.......) Thank You, Dawn in Chicago - Dawn Schilling

Thank you !!! Medi Gold saved my goldfish!! I am not kidding! I have three large calico shubunkins (6 years old). One had fin and tail rot, the other two came down with it after awhile and all three were in bad shape. I had been treating them with Maracyn and Maracyn II with no improvement. I couldn't believe they were hanging on as long as they did--they weren't eating, just laying on the bottom of the tank. After two days of Medi-Gold, they were moving around a little. Each day improving more. After a week and a half, they are all fully active, swimming and acting completely normal. The redness on their fins is fading also. Amazing! And they LOVE to eat it, too. Thank you! Pam S. Ny,Ny. - Pam

Hi, I had a seven year old 99 cent Wal-mart goldfish that was a present for my then three year old son who had become fascinated with the goldfish at preschool. I had him in a 20 gallon tank and every so often he would develope white fin edges and vague symptoms. I would treat him with melafix and quick cure and it would be better for a while and then after a few months would recur. I ordered some medi-gold and fed for three weeks. Flippy is cured and whats more he gained weight and developed a beautiful flowing dorsal and double tail. I then bought some of your pro gold and the difference in flippy is unbelievable. He looks like a show goldfish every scale is shiny and gold and his flowing fins are a beautiful crimson. My husband who never notices the fish passed through the bedroom and said " Whats up with Flippy? He looks like he's been on steroids or something." Your pro-gold turned my 99 cent Wal-mart fish into a show goldfish. Thanks so much for your site and the information. Your products are great!! Thanks Teresa Chapin - Teresa Chapin

Hi Rick. I was just admiring my fish, and I thought that I really needed to send you a thank you note!! I haven't had a “fishy fatality” since finding you online!! Thank you so much for all your help over the last year – it’s been so nice having someone to contact whenever I have a question and so quick to respond!!! Thanks again Rick, Patty Page, Buffalo, N.Y. - Patty

My poor black moor was suffering from an internal infection of some kind and I began feeding him "Medi-Gold" on Friday, and I must say, 3 days later he is looking and acting better than ever! His poop is now normal, his scales and fins look normal, and he is oh-so-active... as a matter of fact this morning I found him vigorously chasing his tank mate, a calico telescope, all morning and when I left for work they were still at it... It was a rather rough yet tender chase and I suspect that maybe I lucked out to get a male and female and they are in love!!! One can only hope! (any thoughts?) Question: I assume a black moor and calico telescope goldfish can mate, but would their babies be all calicos? K. Frost, Dallas, Tx. - K. Frost

Thanks for selling such wonderful medicated foods! Both have been very sucessful, and all my goldies just love Pro-gold. They actually seemed more active after starting on this stuff. Thanks so much, Gabbie - Gabbie

Dear Mr. Hess, I am so happy I found your Web Site, it's been so helpful to me. The product that has saved so many of my goldfish is your Medi-Gold. I've been using a product call Romet, I was told that it is a medicated food, but I found it very hard to use, it's way too big for my fish and it floats, but most of all my fish never liked it, and I never had any luck with it curing my fish, because I could not get them to eat it. Your Medi-Gold is small, sinks and the fish fight over it before it hits the bottom of my tank!! My Goldfish Mike had a sore on it's side, I fed Medi-Gold to him for two weeks and his sore went away. I just order your Pro-Gold to feed to my fish everyday. Thanks for everything, Edna Willow, Mike and his friends, N.Y. - #

Hi Rick, I used Medi-Gold to help with a bacterial problem with my pond goldfish. The fish took to it immediately, and by the time I had finished the seven day regimen the symptoms were long gone. I highly recommend Medi-Gold when the situation calls for it. Thanks Rick, Bob Calhoun. Merced, California - #

Dear Rick, This medicated food for fish Koi & Goldfish is the BEST I have ever come across. It has healed two of my 10 inch koi of ulcers... the fish just love it and it sinks to the bottom where the ill fish are. I will always turn to this Medi-Gold food for my sick fish... I appreciate all you have done in making and processing this food to make it available to the public. Take care and God Bless. Sincerely, Debra Demming, Montana - #

Hi Rick, Just wanted to let you know that after feeding the Medigold to my two fancy goldfish for 3 weeks, Zippy and Tiger are completely healed!! I can’t thank you enough! The second time using you Buff it Up product proved amazing as well. The first treatment a couple weeks ago left my water a bit cloudy. Now after using it a second time after a water change, I woke up the next morning and I have NEVER seen clearer water in my life!! It looked clean and clear enough to drink from! (ha ha). Just wanted to say thanks so much again for all you help and advise. Your dedication to your customers and our special fish friends will always keep me coming back for business. Oh, they love their new Spirulina Flakes and Pro Gold food I just started them on as well. Sincerely, Carrie, Orlando, Fl - #

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