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25 Watt U.V. a real power house!!
Installs in less than 10 minutes, then do the simple paper towel test and your ready to go!


Ultra Violet Sterilizers are an excellent way to eliminate algae and greatly reduce the bad bacteria, parasites and parasites eggs floating in your aquarium water.

Why expose your Goldfish to millions and millions of bad bacteria and parasites when you have our New 25 watt U.V.available to you? All U.V.s are NOT created equal! Our NEW 25 watt U.V. has a 3 inch round body, most only have a 21/2 inch body, meaning that our U.V. will hold more water giving you a much better kill rate with our proper sized pump.Our New 25 watt U.V. will kill 99 percent of all bacteria, parasites and parasite eggs that passes through it.Our U.V.s have the highest output lamps (28000 micro-watts) on the market and a 9000 hour life.

Plus, our New 25 watt U.V. can be used inside or out. You can have ALL these fine features, but if your pump is not sized right for your U.V. it will NOT produce the KILL RATE you need to reduce the bad bacteria and parisites floating in your Aquarium water, we have tested many pumps and found the best, to do the job we needed for the highest kill rate!

With our U.V. KIT we include our NEW 25 watt U.V., the PROPER SIZED PUMP, plus all the plumbing supplies, cut and glued. All you have to do is a simple paper towel test, place the pump and plug it in! NO guessing on pump size, NO running to the hardware store, NO ordering extra parts, No trying to find someone to cut and fit all the plumbing, it is ALL done for you. Note: because of the size of this unit there is an extra charge of $5.00 for shipping that will be added to your total.

Q: it is ha good idea turn off the UV sterilizer including lamp and pump when do water changes ? cause the pump is like 10 inches on the level of the water and of curse when change water the level of water will pass the pump

If the water level drops BELOW the pump, you MUST turn off your U.V. light and pump.


Hi, Yes, the U.V. is independent of any filter, it has it own pump. Our U.V. would work very well with your Emperor or any other filter. Thanks, Rick

Q: Hi Rick, What size tank would this UV filter work best in? I am interested in getting one for my new set-up, but I am afraid that it may create too much current in a 55 gal. Thank you for your help! -Meghan O.

Hi Maghan, Our U.V. would work great on your 55. I comes with a small pump that does not make much current. Rick

Q: You mentioned turning off the light when adding bacteria to the tank. I recently added Bio-Spira to my 125 g tank. How long do you suggest letting it run it's course before I turn on the UV light again?

I would wait two weeks. You want to make sure the Good Bacteria is well established. Rick

Q: By: Rick G. Copeland

 Recently I’ve seen a wave of concerns and questions about using Ultra Violet (U.V.) sterilizers in goldfish aquariums. This seems to be an age-old debate that resurfaces periodically. For some years now koi keepers have been using U.V. with great success in their koi ponds. U.V. in a pond helps control green water as well as free-floating bacteria and parasites in the water. So why as goldfish keepers are we hesitant? The purpose of this article is to dispel some of the misconceptions and clarify the benefits of U.V. And as you will see, the addition of a U.V. sterilizer can only benefit our valuable goldfish collections.

 U.V. and Dechlorinating products don’t mix ??
To start let’s look at the dynamics of adding a dechlorinator (usually Sodium thiosulphate) to the aquarium while doing water changes. As soon as the dechlorinator mixes with the water the chlorine is neutralized. A U.V. with the proper flow rate cannot possibly counteract this process, as the chlorine is gone before it is passed through the U.V. Also, there is no reaction producing toxic compounds when the Sodium Thiosulphate passes through a U.V. In the case of chloramine and ammonia bonding agents there is no reaction with the U.V. that unbinds the ammonia. Since the bonding of ammonia is not as instantaneous as the neutralization of the chlorine it is prudent to pre-treat the new water prior to adding it to the aquarium. This prevents the fish being exposed to the ammonia prior to it being bound by the bonding agent and also prevents the bonding agent from being neutralized in the water before all the ammonia is bound.
Using a U.V. will neutralize medications added to the water ??
 For the most part this is true. It is common practice to turn off U.V. when treating the water with medication. Once treatment is complete the U.V. is turned back on to control free-floating bacteria and parasites. This greatly reduces chances of re-infestation.
U.V. produces ozone when exposed to oxygen in the water ??
This is untrue with the germicidal type U.V. lamps used in U.V. sterilizers for aquarium water purification. There are U.V. lamps that can produce ozone. They have a pinpoint wavelength of 185.0 nanometers where 253.7 nanometers is the pinpoint of germicidal U.V.
U.V. will prevent the establishment of nitrifying bacteria ??
 Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter are not free-swimming bacteria therefore will not come in contact with the U.V. They attach themselves to filtration media, gravel, the sides of the aquarium, etc. The only way U.V. could effect the establishment of nitrifying bacteria is if a seed bacteria product is added to the water. In this case it would be advisable to turn off the U.V. until the free-floating, nitrifying bacteria has had a chance to get a foothold.
U.V. will cause fish to lose their resistance to disease and parasites because they are living in a sterile environment ??
Because the sterilized water from the U.V. is returned to the tank mixing it with un-sterilized water there is no way to remove all bacteria and parasites in the water. Without going into a discussion on purity coefficients suffice it to say that a properly sized U.V. with the correct flow rate will kill 99.99% of the bacterial pathogens and parasites that are in the water of the aquarium. Additionally fish produce waste, along with this waste comes bacteria. The U.V. is simply removing the disease factor in the water. Many people equate this with the “boy in the bubble” syndrome. The fish do not lose their immune system and the immune system does not go dormant. The energy used to fight disease is redirected to growth and color.
U.V. only kills bacteria and not parasites ??
Untrue. Parasites attached to the fish are of course not affected by the U.V. When a parasite is in it’s free-swimming stage of its life cycle the U.V. then will eliminate it from the water. So medication will need to be added to the tank to remove the parasites from the fish. After that the U.V. will protect them from re-infestation. A U.V. that will produce 28,000 microwatts with a contact time with the water of five seconds will kill the following parasites and bacterial pathogens found in the goldfish aquarium: Chilodinella Costia Epistylis Heximita Ichthyophithirius Multifilis (freshwater Ich) Trichodina Flukes - Dactylogyrus and Gyrodactylus Argulus Lernea (Anchor worm) Aeromonas - hydrophila, salmonicida Certomyxa shasta Edwardsiella - Septicemia Flexibacter columinaris Mycobacterium fortuitum – Tuberculosis Pseudomonas - flourescens, putida, anguilliseptia, aeruginosa Sacrina lutea Saprolegenia hyphae.
In summary, with U.V. sterilization we are creating a healthier environment for our goldfish. In closed systems, like aquariums, bacterial pathogens and parasites can reproduce at alarming rates. Controlling these bacterial pathogens and parasites with U.V. can not only eliminate disease outbreaks but also produce a much healthier environment in which our goldfish will thrive.
References. Aquatic Systems Engineering, P.R. Escobal, Dimension Engineering Press, Oxnard, California Rick Hess, Goldfish Connection Rick Kinter, founder and President of Pure Water Products Inc., manufacturer of U.V. 1 sterilizers.

see above:

Hi Rick. Your UV sterilizer sounds like iis heaven sent. My first UV sterilizer was made by Marineland and the first one I purchased worked great. But it went to UV heaven and I bought a new one with a new design. It lasted 2 weeks. I sent it back. So purchased a new UV light for my old Marineland sterilizer and that only lasted 6 months. The first one lasted 2 years. So I gave up on UV sterilizers Until your email let me know your back. So I plan to buy one of yours and hope I dont screw it up. Now can I hang it on the outside back part of my tank,? Not on the inside. My two "rescued" feeder fish grew to the point I had to buy a much larger tank so they could swim. They now look like koi. And my new tank needs all the room possible. Thanks for caring about the fish. I know this is stupid, but I get attached to my fish. I feel sad when they get sick or what ever . Its taken me years to learn how to feed them and take care of them properly. Have a nice day. - Landa

I'm a first time shopper here at the Connection and was really impressed with the helpful information and the very reasonable prices on this site. When I ordered the sterilizer it was back ordered and was pleasantly surprised on how fast I received it. I was fighting with horrible "pea water" for the past 3 month in my 29 gallon tank. I would put in the bacteria weekly...I put two TopFin 30 filters in...I finally got the emperor 400 to replace the "pet's mart special" filters...I had to do water changes every week...nothing got rid of the green or the smell. I ordered the sanitizer with plans to upgrade to a 75 gallon in the next 2 weeks. Set up was a breeze. Rick did an amazing job with the pipe setup. I was worried about where it would hang, this thing is huge! It's the same length as a 29 gallon tank, but it fit perfectly under the Emperor!!! I did a 50% water change after I installed it...vacuumed the gravel and two hours later the water was getting clearer...usually it would start getting cloudy right away after a water change. Now the sterilizer has been running for 24 hours and the water keeps getting clearer and clearer!!! "Power house" is an's a Nuclear Power Plant!!! Nik R - Nik R.

From my personal experience I can say all of the reviews listed here are 100% true, so I'll keep mine short and to the point. I'm terrible when it comes to putting anything together so this U.V. is easy (if I can do it so can anybody else) just do the water test as suggested and if the paper is dry you are good to go. This powerhouse is practically put together for you and I couldn't ask for anything simpler and as strong as this sterilizer is. I love it, my friends and guests love it and more importantly the fish love it as well. Worth every penny... - Rick Webb

I received my 25 Watt U.V. a couple days ago and was hesitating putting it together. It looked a little scary at first. I opened the box up and with little direction from the instructions, just put all the pieces (not many) together. Plugged the 25 Watt UV in and also the pump it came with. Man! That was super easy to put together. It just started working today and I'm noticing a little clarity in the water. Can't wait till a couple more days - sure it will be even better. I also have peace of mind now knowing that I'm doing whatever I can to keep my lionheads, pearl scales, ranchus and ryukins healthy. This is a great kit Erika Leston, LA,CA - Erika Lee, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Rick, I ordered a UV sterilizer from your web site about 3 months ago for my 55 gallon tank. I too could not believe how easy it was to install. The sterilizer solved my recurring problems with fungus in the water and on ornaments. Also, Puff (my goldfish) has not had any bacterial infections since then. Susan M. LA, Ca - susan

Hi Rick, I have a 60 gallon aquarium with 7 goldfish, not the super expensive but I love them all. Some day I would like to "graduate" to your special breeds. I have to say I am amazed at the 25 watt UV sterilizer I purchased from your company; no more green water; it is absolutely crystal clear. Regards, Sally M. NY, NY. - Sally

Hi Rick, My Ultraviolet Sterilizers arrived and I'm loving it. It's so much better than my 15w Pentair Aquastep UVS. Mark H. Mecca, Ohio - Mark

Hi Rick!, Words can't describe how pleased I am with the UV sterilizer. It's worth every penny! I only wish I got it years ago. My tank has NEVER looked this good in the four years since I first set it up! I highly recommend it to anyone who seriously cares about their Goldies. You may use me as a referral, if you wish. My show tank now really does look like a show tank!! Thank you ever so much! Sincerely, Mary J Krumme - MJK

Thanks so much on the information regarding bacterial infections and especially the great value of UV systems on the goldfish tank. I have a rather heavily populated 110 gallon tank with various fish ranging in size from three to seven inches and did not realize the great value or necessity of a UV system until it had gone out and problems arose. The fish became lethargic and one rather expensive one (always the most expensive it seems) developed a bacterial sore on its side. Mind you this is with a tank with an oversized pond filter as well as continuous water trickle in the tank. Tank parameters have always been perfect with zero ammonia value, zero nitrite/nitrate and a stable ph. With the help of your book and website I was able to diagnose and treat a condition as well as prevent it from reoccurrence in the future. Again as you stress, always look to the water for your first problem. So again I thank you for you site and look forward to you next auction. Dr. Bruce Costagli - Dr. Bruce Costagli

Hi Rick, Sorry to bother you today with my phone call, however, I just had to call to make sure that I put the 25 watt U.V. together right. It was so easy to do that I thought that there is no way I did right. After talking with you I was real proud of myself that I made no mistakes. When you say "it takes less than 10 minutes to install" you sure are right! Thanks again for helping me with my goldfish. With your help and your products you made keeping goldfish fun again. Sally Earley, Texas - Sally E.

Dear Mr. Hess, My wonderful husband surprised me with your 25watt UV sterilizer two weeks ago and it is unbelievable! The water is crystal clear and my goldies are thriving, not to mention that it gives me a piece of mind to know that I am doing my part in keeping them healthy and disease free. I highly recommend getting the UV's from Goldfish Connection, it takes the whole guessing game out of "which air pump to use, flow rate etc." (I spent hours trying to figure that out), all that I needed to do was hang it on the tank and plug it in. Thank you for all your help and for teaching me that less is more, and not to obsess over every little thing with our tanks and wonderful goldies. Please keep up the good work and keep the great products coming. - Jeanne, California. - Jeanne

My aquarium's water was green for months before I ordered the UV filter and no amount of water changes or chemical treatments helped in clearing out the water. I even went as far as doing 100% water changes but it didn't help at all because not even a week after the water change the water is green again. the water was so green you can't even see anything past three inches within the aquarium. what's worse is that my goldfish developed skin sores when I applied a chemical algae remover that was supposedly safe. A week after I installed the filter the aquarium's water is now crystal clear (with no water changes, purposely did not do a water change to see how effective the filter would be)! I also kept having problems with parasite infestations before the filter and I used to order 16 oz bottles of Maracide and would use all of it with repeated dosages and still not get rid of the parasite infestation. my goldfish don't show any signs of parasite infections (scratching on the gravel) since I installed the UV filter. I have 1 black moore (about three years old), Oranda (1 year old), three red and white ryukins (two of which are about a year old and the other about 6 months old), a very small lionhead (stunted growth, about an inch and half long), and a medusa pleco. for the first time in months they are all swimming actively and appear to be very healthy. They are not expensive fishes but they are part of the family (my kids just love the heck out of 'em) and we are all quite relieved that we found a "cure" for their aquarium problem. The UV Filter is truly a powerhouse and every goldfish hobbyist out there should consider investing in one. - Ed C.

I have had a problem with green water in my large tank since moving to Maryland. I even went so far as to bleach everything (including boiling the rocks). Nothing I did eliminated the algae. After researching this problem, I purchased your 25W UV as a last resort. Three days after installation, I can now see all of my fish all of the time, not just at feeding. The last child has left the nest and now I intend to convert his room into my "fish room" now that I have a way to combat the dreaded green water. Thank you. - Rita Clark

Hi Rick! Thank you so much for the help the other night over the phone. With your help, I was able to get the UV sterilizer to work properly and WOW! it has totally cleared up my tank with no chemicals! No more pea soup green water!!! Fabulous! Thanks again! Shari Zimmer, LA. Ca. - Shari

Dear Mr. Hess,
When you told me, using your U.V. Kit, I would see the difference in the health of my Goldfish and clearness of my tank, you sure were right! My Goldfish have never been healthier. Like I told you on the phone, I tried other U.V.s about a year ago, and never saw a difference in my fish or tank. Within 3 days after installing your U.V. Kit my tank was as clear as I have ever seen it. My Goldfish are happy, healthy and hungry all the time! I talked my kids into giving me a 75 gallon for Christmas, I'll be calling you for more fish and another U.V. Kit. Thanks again for the good advice.
Have a happy Holiday,
Dave Torey Fort Wayne, In
- DT

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