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NO Hormones, NO Artificial Coloring, NO Chicken or Beef Bi-Products and No Blood Meal! Just fresh, high quality, 100% natural ingredients, produced and milled in a Federal inspected plant right here in the United States


I would like to share with you our complete Goldfish Diet, "Pro-Gold". Pro-Gold was developed for Goldfish Connection by Dr. Matthews a highly respected Aqua-culture Nutrition Specialist who has spent a lifetime on the cutting edge of researching and developing feed for the Aqua-culture industry. Pro-Gold is a sinking pellet that includes Krill, Fish, Shrimp, Wheat, Spirulina and Alfalfa as the main ingredients.
There's more!
Pro-Gold also includes a natural immunostimulant to stimulate the immune system and probiotics to support the good bacteria in your goldfish's intestinal track. Plus, all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep your fish healthy.


NO Hormones, NO Artificial Coloring, NO Chicken or Beef Bi-Products and No Blood Meal!
  Just fresh, high quality, 100% natural ingredients, produced and milled in a Federal inspected plant right here in the United States!   

Now Here's the Best Part!
Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the "building blocks" for growth and tissue repair in your goldfish's body. There are ten amino acids that your goldfish cannot produce which they must receive in their diet. Deficiency of protein or failure to obtain enough of even 1 of the 10 essential amino acids will result in no or slow growth and poor health for your goldfish. Pro-Gold supplies a perfect balance of ALL Ten Essential Amino Acids that your goldfish do not produce themselves.

Perfect Balance of ALL Ten Essential Amino Acids
That's just one reason why Pro-Gold is the best goldfish food on the market!!

There is not another Goldfish Food on the market like Pro-Gold .

 Just read what our Customers have to say about Pro-Gold
and it's made right here in America

Q: do you know how we can get hold fo pro-gold here in the u.k.

This person can help you: Andrew B. The Fish Sempai 1268 Kramp Road RR#2 Breslau, Ontario N0B 1M0, CANADA. email: web: T.519-648-9992 F.519-648-9992

Q: I have been feeding pro gold to my pond koi, shubkins, and comets. Will pro gold produce the same result in them as in my orandas,lionheads, and ranchus in my aquarium? Are there any plans for a pond food just as effective as your existing foods? or is pro gold good for pond fish as well as aquarium fish? Melissa Parker-S.C.

Hi Melissa, Pro-Gold is good for all pond fish and will do the same for pond fish as it does for your Goldfish. We do offer a floating pond fish food called Ken-Riki that would be good for your pond fish, Koi, Shubukins and Comets, however, because it floats it would not be a good food for your goldfish. Have a Great and Safe Holiday! Rick

Q: How do your canadian customers get Pro Gold Gold fish food?

You can order Pro-Gold from Dan Cole of Mail Order Pet Shop in Canada:

Q: Dear Rick, I have just received my order including Pro-Gold Super Size (2lbs) and Spirulina Flakes (Big One Pounder), I was wondering if I need to keep them in refrigerator after first use? Morad

Hi Morad, Just keep them sealed, and store them in a cool, dry place. Rick

Our Orandas and Shubunkins LOVE Pro-Gold! They have been healthy and have grown so much after I started feeding them this. They no longer get constipated or suffer from bloat like they did with store bought flakes. (The Spirulena and Salad Supreme chips from here also help prevent constipation and I give them fresh veggies to supplement their diet.) I like that Pro-Gold does not have hormones or additives that are bad for the fish, it provides them with amino acids, and it really does help their immune systems. (My guppies, Bristlenose pleco and RCS also like this food, they get it sometimes as a treat.) I've found that a bag of Pro-Gold lasts a long time -- over a year feeding 7 large goldfish from a 2 lb bag and I still have 1/4 bag left. I feed them one tablespoon 2 -3 times per day, that way they don't overeat or get too hungry. In the long run it is less expensive that store bought food. - NancyL

I just received Pro-Gold in the mail today and I must say my goldfish absolutely love it! This is probably the best goldfish food on the market and the plus side is that Pro-Gold is also healthy! I will be continuing to buy Pro-Gold for my Goldfish from now on! :) - Kassandra

We ordered Pro-Gold a few weeks ago and I have to say that our fish all love it. We have comets and Ryukins in a pond and barrels, they get really excited when the food hits that water. Their colors really pop and it does not cloud the water. I will highly recommend Pro-Gold to others and continue buying it myself. Thanks! - Liz Owens - Wisconsin

Not Just for Goldfish! I love this fish food. After my beloved red-capped Oranda Swish died, I started to keep three different larger fish in my 29-gallon tank--two Freshwater Clown Loaches and a yellow Chinese Algae Eater. When my tank became extremely cloudy I tried every treatment I could find. Then I remembered that I had not had a problem with cloudiness with the goldfish. I started feeding the Clowns and the Algae Eater the Pro-Gold. Along with frequent water changes and good filtration, this did the trick. The Clown Loaches are very large and have very clear black stripes on their orange sides. They are active and interested and very lovable. I also feed bottom feeder pellets. There are some larger tetras and barbs in the tank too and everyone likes the Pro-Gold. The tank is very clear and a joy to behold. - Jane G. Wakeham

I found Pro-Gold about 2-years ago and have been fedding my fancy goldfish this product ever since. Prior when I was feeding my fish cheap flakes from the pet store they were constantly getting constipated. With Pro-gold this has not happened since. Thank you Goldfish Connection, I will only feed my fish your products. M.H. - Melissa Hill

Rick, I just wanted to take a moment and chime in to let you know how INCREDIBLY SATISFIED I am with 'Pro Gold'. These pellets are the equivalent of steroids for fish. I had 3 small goldfish in a tank in my office about 8 months ago, maybe about 3 inches in total length between the three of them combined. Within those 8 months, they grew to be a whopping total of around 2 feet in total length between the three of them!!! I had to let them go to a pond at my Mother-in-Law's because I couldn't keep them in the tank any longer due to their size!!! This food is perfect for my orandas as well. I have a blue oranda that has grown to 7" in length that brings his whole face out of the water and comes smacking to the surface whenever I open the lid - this guy is addicted in a major way!!! Just wanted to let you know that I will NEVER consider another food for my fish again...I've found the elixir of life in this bag! Thanks again! -D.Remi - D.

I've been feeding the PRO GOLD to my tank of guppies and bushy nosed plecos at least every other day :) the guppies peck peck peck until it's gone, since they are too small to put it in their mouths! Just thought you'd like to know they LOVE IT, and of course my Goldfish love it too. AND I was given your book Fancy Goldfish for a birthday present a few months ago :) Thanks for a great website and products to go with it. I've been using your products for several years now, both when I lived in Michigan and now that I llive in Florida :) Thank you Sincerely, Sandy Palm Harbor, Florida - Sandy

I bought a bag of Pro-Gold for my fish that I have in a pond. My fish are bigger and more active since I started them on the Pro-Gold. There color is amazing. The fish seem to love the Pro-Gold. Im sold on it. I will buy my second bag. Greg Fresno,CA - Greg

For now on when I meet goldfish owners and lovers I'll make sure I recommend Pro-Gold to them because I want the best for everybodies goldfish. Since I have been feeding my goldfish Pro-Gold for the past couple months along with the occasional vegetables (peas, broccoli, lettuce, ect...) or blood worms they have looked up to par in both health and activity. I can tell good heart went into creating this quality food product by those who seriously care about goldfish. Park City, UT - Adriel

This food is a life saver!! My comet goldfish I won at a carnival 4plus years ago always had constipation problems from the flake food I was buying from the petstore. I tried peas and multiple types of food to no avail ONce I tried this food he has never been healthier. His coloring is amazing and he has grown several inches since being on this food. He is also so much more active ,when I feed him he is ready to jump out of the tank to get more. I am in the process of upgrading my tank so I can get him some friends.. Thanks for such a wonderful product and website!! My only regret is I didn't find this site sooner! Toni - Toni

Rick, there has been goldfish in my family forever. I use to make special food for my goldfish. Now I just use your progold. My fish grow very fast with nice color. Even my grandfather is impressed. He is goldfish lover too. The green peas you told me to feed is nothing new to me, I've been doing that for many years, my grandfather told me that. - J.Chin CA

This is best food. Our Koi and Telescope have been so alert & happy. The water has also stayed stable. We had 3 beautiful Butterfly Koi that were getting Pro Gold. We changed to Hikari (supposedly the best Koi food on the market). We'll never make that mistake again. The nitrates rose so high (in a 75 gallon tank) that we lost all 3. It was devastating. Now we have 2 Koi & 1 Telescope. From now on all their food and treats will come from you so I know they will be happy and healthy. Dina - Dina

Rick, My golds have grown at least half an inch since I started them on progold three weeks ago. I'm amazed (and thrilled!)! Prior to this they were on a brand of store-bought flakes that made them floaty and bloated. The flakes made a terrible mess in the tank -- cloudiness, pink tinged water, rapid disintegration resulting in water pollution, etc. In contrast, the progold pellets barely have a chance to hit the gravel and much less start polluting my water. In fact, my goldies are so excited about feeding time that I've got a hard time dropping the food into the water because their big wens are in the way. Even my pickiest eater is doing the famed goldfish wiggle-dance for this food. Handfeeding has become the norm in my tank and feeding time has become my (and of course, my goldies') favourite part of the day. My best purchase so far. Thanks Rick! Erika, Ontario, Canada - Erika

Your product is so good that it made my two fish tackle and push and fight for hours just because they still think food is still there. As soon as my fish ate just one pro gold pellet I can tell they been alot more active they usually lay on there gravel for half the day but right now they are constantly going back and forth swimming across the tank. I love this food i will never change it. Ill buy from you again!!!!!!!!11 - Richard Truong

I'd just like to take a minute to let you know that I'm so happy to have found Pro Gold. A year ago I decided I would like to have a goldfish and bought a small metallic Fantail. His body was slightly bigger then my thumb. I joined an on-line community of Goldfish fans and kept hearing the name Pro Gold whenever food was mentioned. I ordered a bag and I would never feed anything else! Finnegan is beautiful! He has grown so large; he's nearly 7 inches long now, and his color is vibrant. He is very active and has never had any disease of any kind. He has been joined by Gilbert and now I have two beautiful fish. I just ordered my second bag and wanted to say how nice it is to see the results of this great product! Julia, Finnegan and Gilbert - Julia

I've ordered both sizes of your Pro-Gold, due to my jumbo size golden friends. They absolutely love your food! I've also bought the combo Medi-Gold & Jump Start just in case I need to treat any of them. I've begun keeping "kingyo" since the sixties, and have lived in Japan for five years, which is like living in "goldfish heaven". I've learned the traditional way in keeping gold-fish while I was there and had kept the knowledge since then. I've acquire many different foods for goldfish throughout the years, and never got the same results as with your food you offer. In Japan, they had their own secret recipe for their kingyo food; trust me, you won't believe the health and color of their fish! Finally, I think I found a similar food that is specially made for them, and it can be bought from you! F.F.F.F.F.F.F. (FINALLY, FINE FOOD FOR FABULOUS FISH FRIENDS) - Jerry J. Arko

First I must state my satisfaction with your food products and advice. The body growth and color are great. Extreme metallic sheen. No health problems. We have had several orandas for 2 years now. They have grown from 2 inches to almost 8 inches. Doug K. - doug

Iím placing my second order for Pro-Gold. My 30-gallon home tank goldfish friends have grown huge and are beautifully colored. Like little sharks they circle the top waiting to be fed. My 10-gallon office tank goldfish pal doesnít have to compete but still gets very excited about the pellets. Thank you! Donna Lee Calabasas CA - Donna Lee

We purchased a little goldfish at the store. He was tiny. A friend of ours gave us a much larger fan tail and I thought there might be problems with the difference in size but a friend gave me some of your Pro Gold, since we ran out of our cheap store brand, and the tiny fish grew and grew very quickly. The fish seem to really love the food and get excited like little puppies waiting to be fed. It is quite amusing to watch. Now they are bold and beautiful and doing very well...ever since we switched to Pro Gold. Thanks for a product that truly makes a noticeable difference. - Cindy

RICK For about 20 years every now and then I would get a floater. HAVE been feeding pro gold about 3 years and don't pre-soak, not one floater. YOU DA MAN!! Thanks warren - Warren

Hello Rick and May, I ordered your ProGold and Spirulina flakes along with the frozen brine and have also followed your suggestion on the shelled green peas. I have been amazed at how much livelier and happy my 2 goldies are. They are never constipated and their color has actual become more vibrant with your food. When they see me in the morning and evening they do all kinds of acrobatics in the tank. Iím sure if I didnít have the cover on the tank they would jump out with excitement to get their food. Thank you every so much for all your suggestions and your wonderful diet. Pro-Gold in the am, Spirulina flakes, or brine and peas in the pm Ė Simply Marvelous! Best regards, Linda, NY,NY. - Linda

Thank you for all the help you have given me and my wife on getting out goldfish tank going and keeping our fish healthy. We have started using the flakes and the pro-gold pellets from your site and our goldfish come swimming to the top of the tank to eat the food out of our hands. Our fish color have never looked so great and they have never looked so healthy. I sit for hours watching my goldfish play in their tank and WE owe it all to you and your products and the time you took to talk to me on the phone. Thanks for everything Bill & Laura Seabreak, North Carolina - Bill & Laura Seabreak

I've been using Pro-Gold for nearly two years now and even my 10 y/o fantail Boris thinks he's still a frisky pup. He's never been healthier than these last two years. My gripe is that even in a closed cabinet and double bagged food, my cats still try to claw their way into the Pro-Gold stash. They need a version for themselves. - Jaye

My calico fantail Bezoar was not doing well on the flake foods the pet store people recommended (floating problems and chronic illness) when I decided that I'd give Pro Gold a try on Rick's advice (after a round of ulcer problems) and he's been doing great ever since. While he's just a little fishy I got at the pet store, since he started his new diet, he's vibrant, beautiful, happy, and more playful. He's gained enough size that I've had to put him in a much larger tank. Thank You for selling this great product. - Misty

Pro Gold is FANTASTIC !! EXCELLENT QUALITY !! - Jeff, Willowbrook IL

I have been using the Pro Gold Goldfish food for about two weeks now and I am just amazed! I've always really enjoyed my goldfish tank, I took pride in how great it looked, the water crystal clear, the plants, decor etc. The only problem was the fish! I was resigned to the fact that no matter what I did, they would only last a few months, or maybe a year or so, if I was lucky. They never seemed to grow much either. I endured the jokes about my fish swimming up side down, and figured there was just nothing I could do about that. There have been so many products that tout the overrated results of their products, I really wan't expecting much. I am so pleasantly suprised! My fish are growing already, they are all swimming normally, and I have a renewed interest in my fish tank! They say that a fish tank is suppose to be relaxing. Well, I never really felt that way about it until now. I was always so bothered that my fish didn't thrive. I just love it now and can take real pleasure out of it. Anyone that asks, I'm going to recommend Pro Gold. Thank you so much....Donna - Donna

Rick, My goldies have been on this food from babes and they have always been happy, healthy and bright-eyed. Would not give them any other brand even if I were paid to! Wonderful product and I would recommend it to any goldie lover whether they are novice or expert! Rachel, NC - Rachel Spainhour

Rick, First thank you for "holding my hand' during a couple of fish crises. All of your recommendations worked for my fish as did your recommendation of a Pro-Gold and Spirulina Flakes diet. I haven't had any disease in the six months since I've been feeding them these foods. But even better than that, they do back flips, try to push each other out of the way, dive bomb and splash me with water when I feed them -- they love Pro-Gold! In fact, they're growing so fast, I'm afraid I'll need to get another tank soon! Carolyn M, Ohio - Carolyn

Hi Rick Just wanted to let you know I have ordered your Pro-Gold twice and am getting ready to order again. The two orandas Iíve been raising for about a year and a half have thrived and done so well on the food that they are in need of a larger tank and I am in the process of trying to get them a really great space. Thank You, Pam - Pam

I have a large ryukin that floats, head-down, if I feed anything but blanched zuccini or spinach. Evem the, he has balance issues for several hours after feeding. It was a real pain to cook for him all the time, only to watch him struggle anyway. I decided to give him one last shot and ordered Progold. Unbelievably, he maintains perfect balance after eating Progold! I used to feed every other day to reduce floatiness, but I can feed 2x daily without problem now. I have my old fish back! I just wanted to write and say thanks! I don't know what's in there that did it, but somehow my fish is happy and healthy again. Thanks Rick! Andy - Andy Cameron

My goldfish recovered splendidly and very quickly from the Prazi you sent me. Your food has made him triple in size! He is beautiful - thanks! Julia F. Ohio - Julia

Sheesh, my 6 Goldfish act like starving sharks when I put the PROGOLD in the tank. hah hah! They love PROGOLD :) Sandy Olsen Michigan - Sandy Olsen

Hello Rick! I honestly want to say that I have never had this much success in keeping fancy golds until after I started feeding pro-gold food. I received my first order a couple months ago, and cannot believe the results!!!! I have a 55 gallon custom job with four fish (bubble eye, celestial bubble eye, black moore and red dragon) They have all gained (at least) 4 inches in just a few months. and have fattened up considerably. So thanks and I will order again soon William - William V

Hi Rick, I wrote you about a week ago about my tank getting cloudy and thank you for your prompt response. I did not feed the fish for a day and then came upon one of your articles about the filter cleaning. I was being " thorough" about keeping my tank clean and making sure my filter was thoroughly cleaned of any " gook" on it. So , in essence I was cleaning off the good stuff. I stopped doing that and the tank is much clearer. Not only that, but I bought some Pro-Gold fish food a while back and started feeding my goldies that. I noticed they were clammering to the feeding area every day ..more so then normal. Obviously they liked it, but never more obvious then yesterday. I shouldve placed a re-order for pro-gold a bit earlier, and did so several days ago. But I ran out yesterday, so I used the food I had used before until my new shipment arrives. I swear, yesterday when I fed my fish....every pair of fish eyes turned to me when I put the food in with a " what in the world is this stuff" look on their little fish faces!! They picked at it and finally ate it ..but it didnt appear with much joy. Their color is much better...they are much larger and I will continue to use the Pro-Gold. I also place an order for your Spirulina Flakes and I am anxious to try that too!. Thank you for your help, Meg - Meg

Hi, I just want to say that I wish there were food like that for human! Our goldfish are looking and doing great and they are very playful and healthy. Nothing I have tried work better. Thank you! Mike, H. Austin - Mike

Thanks for selling such wonderful medicated foods! Both have been very sucessful, and all my goldies just love Pro-gold. They actually seemed more active after starting on this stuff. Thanks so much, Gabbie - Gabbie

This is a great product. My japanese Ranchu love this stuff! I did not feel guilty throwing away all of my Hikari Products. And for those who are serious about Goldfish keeping, you know that was a hard step to make. The minute I opened the package there was that smell that you will never get when you open food products from your LFS. Who knows how long their products have been on the shelf. If you truly care about your Goldfish, you will buy this product. I waited for a month to actually test Pro-Gold before I wrote this comment. I wanted to write a fair judgement. I must say I agree with everyone that this is the best..... I would also like to add that the Spirulina Flakes are awesome! I feed them once a week and it cleans their system out really good! I just take the Battery operated vacuum cleaner to maintain good water. Once a week feed them frozen peas like Rick says. I have also purchased the Fancy Goldfish book, it is very helpful. Although I already know how to keep a healthy aquarium, this book goes over the boundaries on the info. Awesome photos! Goldfish Connection takes pride on their fish and their products. I am sure 100% I will order again when my supply runs out.... I trust and support Goldfish Connection. I will definately recomend this site and their products to my friends.... Marco B. Fremont, California - Marco B.

I love progold. I have redcap oranda it helped my fish to become more active. And it is never sick. - james

Just a note to let you know that Pro-Gold is a staple in my Fancy Goldfish diet from now on! I've been feeding it excusively for 8 months and have not had any swim bladder or floater problems. I've even had 100% success in recovering a couple butterfly koi that were thin and not growing. You should see the WAKINS that I got from you! Huge and beautiful, full of life and healthy! Many, many thanks, - Nancy Miller, New Castle, Pa

It works! At a recent goldfish show I took Junior Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, and other prizes all with fish that have been fed with Pro-Gold supplemented occasionally with live foods. The fish love this product. - Rich Street

I purchased this product about a 2 weeks ago and the results are unbelievable! An anchor worm wound on my Oranda (Bling-Bling) is now completely gone and his fins are at an incredible length! I also have a Brazilian Puffer (P.M.D.) who would not eat anything! He would turn down live brine shrimp and frozen krill, but will fight to get to a piece of Pro-Gold!! Bling-Bling and P.M.D. are super happy!! I would recommend this product to anyone! Thanks so much, Jennifer - Hartselle, AL - Jennifer Legg

What is in this stuff? IT'S AMAZING!!! My poor little Charlie was one very sick fish. After several weeks of struggling with different treatments, I started feeding him ProGold. He's been on it for two weeks now, and is nearly twice as big! I have never seen him looking so healthy. His fins, which were tattered due to fin rot, have grown nearly a quarter of an inch. And his color is absolutely beautiful. I cannot say enough about this food. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! - Jennifer (Charlie's Mom)

Hi Rick, I have 30 plus fancy goldfish and the ONLY time they get rowdy is when I feed pro-gold. They push and shove and chase each other in order to get to the stuff first. They love this stuff! Thanks! - Debra Seattle, WA

Dear Rick:

A wonderful friend of mine has orandas and lionhead fish, as well as myself and about 3 months ago he told me about your website and the fish food that he ordered from there.  He came over to visit and brought me a supply and said try it before you buy it and tell me what you think.  Well let me tell you, I have just been amazed!!!  I obtained a Black Moor that was about 5" long, his fins and tail were all tattered up.  Now he about 7" long and the most beautiful flowing tail you have ever seen.  I also have some baby doll black moors, 2 lionheads, 3 Ryukens, and 2 red cap orandas.  I just received my first order of your Pro Gold - the 2 pound and I just can't thank you enough for the quality of the food and how much it benefits my fish.  They just love it!!  Of course, I have thanked my friend many times over for educating me on it.  I will in the future try your other products that are available.  I have also informed my fish store about it.  I took some of it in today for them to try. 

  Thank you again!!  Jody J.  Marietta, Georgia

- JJ

Hi Rick,

†I want to thank-you for introducing me to pro-gold. I see such a big improvement in all of my goldfish since I started using it.† I have some baby Lionhead's and I started feeding them pro-gold and they have doubled in size in a small amount of time. It makes the headgrowth on my goldfish look full and healthy. You not only sell healthy and beautiful fish, you also sell everything it takes to keep them that way. You have a fan in me for life and I will recommend you to anyone anyday.

God Bless,

- MK

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