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Fancy Goldfish
Rated around the world as one of the best Goldfish Books written in forty years !! Hardcover, 176 pages

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Announcing an all New Goldfish Book!

Hardcover, 176 pages packed full of helpful Goldfish information! Plus, over 220 color photos by world famous Goldfish photographer Fred Rosenweig. Half of the photos have never been published before.

Written by Dr. Erik Johnson, a world renowned Goldfish and Koi Veterinarian, and Richard E. Hess, proprietor of Goldfish Connection, the largest Importer of Collector Quality Goldfish in the U.S.

The Book also has chapters by:

Jackie & Louis Chan, owners of Tung Hoi Aquarium Company in China, annually producing over 2.5 million goldfish in 50 varieties and colors.

Jeffrey Hunter, a Japanese translator, long time resident of Japan, and an expert on Japanese Goldfish.

Izhak Kroshinsky, the leading American Ranchu Breeder.

An article on hand spawning and raising of fry by Dr. Streamson Chua.

In chapters, One through Six,Dr. Johnson takes you step-by-step through all the information you need to keep your Goldfish happy and healthy- from helping you with water quality to showing pictures of parasites and fish diseases in order to help you identify symptoms and treat the problem before they becomes life threatening to your Goldfish friends.

Chapter Seven, Rick Hess gives you the answers to 100 of the most frequently asked questions about Goldfish keeping plus a very interesting article by Dr. Streamson Chau on hand spawning, hatching and feeding new born fry.

Example questions:
Should I feed my Goldfish live foods? See page 102.
How can I tell the sex of my Goldfish? See page 104.
What is the best food for my fry's first two weeks? See page 106.

There's more! This chapter also includes an alphabetical list of some of the most frequently found terms for Goldfish characteristics. Plus, pictures and descriptions of many Goldfish varieties.

Chapter Eight is written by Jackie and Louis Chan of China. Jackie and Louis share with you the long tradition of Goldfish appreciation in China. The information in this Chapter has never before been written in the English language.

Chapter Nine is for the lover of the Japanese Goldfish, Tosakin, Jikin, Ranchu, Nankin, Edos, Azuma Nishiki, etc. The history, research and information on Japanese Goldfish is the best you'll find written in English, thanks to Jeff Hunter.

Trivia Questions?
Where did the name "Oranda" originate??? see page 127
What does "Tosakin" mean??? see page 141
What does "Wakin" mean??? see page 126

Chapter Ten... Ranchu Collectors, this chapter is for you!
Izhak Kroshinisky, the leading Ranchu breeder in America, shares his 25 years of methods and secrets for raising show quality Ranchus. For example, what's the secret homemade food Izhak uses to grow Big beautiful Ranchu in just one year? see page 168

When I was approached by Weatherhill, a Japanese-owned publishing company, to write a book on Goldfish for the American market, I wanted it to be the finest, most accurate and most complete gathering of helpful Goldfish information ever assembled in one source. It's been over a year and a half of hard work from all our Goldfish experts that contributed to this book, to make it just the kind of book I wanted. I thank my co author and good friend Dr. Johnson and everyone else who made this book possible.

I hope you enjoy it.

Rick Hess

Q: Dear Mr. Hess, I read so much about your new book "Fancy Goldfish" do you ship to the U.K.?

I'm sorry, we do not ship outside the U.S., however, I do know that some of the biggest book Dealers in the U.K. bought thousands of copies from our Publisher, Weatherhill. If you have a problem finding a copy, contact me and I will be happy to contact Weatherhill for you. Thanks, Rick

Hey Rick! I just wanted to post publicly how helpful you and the goldfish connection have been....your advice was both helpful and appreciated. Keeping fancy goldfish can be tricky at times and knowing that you and your products are behind me in my hobby is just wonderful! Thank you so very much and best wishes....Kathleen Harris (: - Kathleen Harris

I love this book! It is hands down the best book on Goldfish ever. - Jackie

This is an awesome book! Iíve read it through cover to cover a couple of times and it seems I am always using it as a reference for something or other. As new goldfish keepers this was the only book that came close to answering all of the questions that come up. Itís educated us on the importance of and the "how to" of keeping our goldfish water and environment at itís best, itís gotten us through ich, flukes and all the other things that come with pet store fish and the whole family has enjoyed the beautiful pictures. I can see why it is rated #1 in the world! There is nothing else out there that contains so much important/useful information all in one place. A must have for any goldfish owner, new or experienced! D.V, Denver, CO - D Vega, Denver, Colorado

I have been waiting for a book like this for years! This book has answered all of the questions I have ever had about the goldfish hobby!! Garret, NY - Garret

In all my years of buying books for reference this book is the best. I like this book so much that I actually own two copies. One copy sits inside on my bookshelf the other is out in my fishshop. Of all the books I own this one still gets read daily. Whether you're new or an experienced breeder this book has something for all. Just the section on diseases is detailed and uses words everyone can understand. If you love goldfish this is a must have!!! - Darran Jones

I've owned this book for a few years now and it truly is the ultimate guide covering all kinds of treatments for illness, water quality and health, gorgeous pix of the fish - there is no better book and I've seen a lot of books in my 35 years of keeping goldfish. Well worth the price - less than what you will spend on one good fish. - Holly Rivney

Hi Rick, I just received your book yesterday and I love it! It is definitely full of information that I haven't found before. I just love all the beautiful pictures of the fish. One thing I really like is the pronunciation key, now I don't have to feel stupid when I don't know how to say a name. LOL I thought it was great that you even included a recipe for gel food and explained what benefits come from each ingredient. That is my favorite characteristic of the book, all the detailed explanations of everything. Awesome! I can't wait to get my brother one. Cindy Ny, Ny. - Cindy

Excerpts from Dr. Joseph Smart's book review of "Fancy Goldfish". 

  Dr. Joseph Smart is known around the world as the leading authority of goldfish genetics and co-author of "Goldfish Breeding Genetics" published by TFH and author of his New Book ""Goldfish Varieties and Genetics. Handbook for Breeders" published by Blackwell Science Ltd.

FANCY GOLDFISH : a complete guide to care and collection.

This Book is truly a groundbreaker; it adopts quite a new approach to the presentation of information and ideas on goldfish. In the past, published works on goldfish have been presented by single authors or a pair in tandem. This has worked very well previously and resulted in timeless classics such as Hervey and Hems "The Goldfish" and Innes "Goldfish Varieties and Water Gardens". Since the end of World War II there has been a technological and information explosion in fish keeping and apart from guides for the beginner and basic texts it may be a question whether any individual can at the present time hope to produce a comprehensive in depth treatment to the subject. In "Fancy Goldfish" we have a text produced be seven authors. This approach is novel and it is an indicator perhaps of the shape of things to come where the contributions of acknowledge authorities can be co-ordinated and collated by a knowledgeable editor. 


Of all the chapters in this book I enjoyed reading the most was chapter 9 by Jeffrey Hunter on Japanese Goldfish. It was a pure delight! He presents a very vivid picture of the current state of the goldfish world in Japan today. It is an unfortunate fact that there is a great deal of literature published in Japan which is inaccessible to the western reader. This is particularly so with publications from aquaculture research institutes which have been written in Japanese. Occasionally people like Jeffrey Hunter turn up who are proficient in Japanese as well as the mother tongue and are also goldfish enthusiasts. Such people are to be cherished especially when they write so well in English. As far as I personally was concerned this chapter was the Jewel in the Crown. 

In conclusion it can be said quite categorically that this volume is both thought provoking and stimulating. It also gives clear indications as to the way future publications on the Goldfish might be produced. I would hope as a result of further reflection that an extended and more comprehensive (not to say encyclopedic) treatment might eventually be produced which would become the Goldfish enthusiast's bible.

Joe Smart  

- Dr.S

Dear Rick,

 I live in Singapore and keeps high quality goldfish as a hobby. I visit your website frequently and I am very impress by the quality of the fishes you put up for sale. I am also very impress by the information you give to your customers and the trouble you take to prepare a healthy fish. Sadly this is missing from most of the fish dealers today including those back here. This explains why many new and inexperience goldfish hobbyist gets discourage and gives up the hobby  soon after they have started. Its frustrating to find a dead fish just after a couple of days. I have bought your book during its initial launch. I have a whole library of books on goldfish alone, and I dare say yours is the most comprehensive on the wealth of information it provides. It gives a very good overall view covering the basics and the more complex aspects of goldfish keeping. The best thing is that it is written by several people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. I  believe that you will continue with your commitment and responsibility of a fish dealer and I wish that I have someone like you in my country so I don't I have to travel to countries like Thailand to acquire quality fishes. 

Best regards, 



WOW....Dr. Erik and Richard I just received your new book today 'Fancy Goldfish' and I'm so excited upon receiving it that I had to thank you as soon as possible. I can't put the hardcover book down and I'm taking my time reading it because I want to soak it all up! It has a wonderful striking cover with the most beautiful pictures of goldfish inside of which I've never seen before. The text is so thoroughly informative not only for a novice like myself but I'm sure it can be appreciated but others in your field as well. Gotta go, want to read more! Thanks again, James F. N.Y. - JF

Hi Rick! I wanted to tell you that I just received a copy of the book "Fancy Goldfish a Complete Guide to Care and Collecting," authored by yourself and Dr. Erik L. Johnson, D.V.M.. I must say that it a most beautiful as well as informative book, that covers all aspects of Goldfish husbandry in a most creative manner. I look forward to perusing through this fine piece of literature further and am quite inclined to believe that it will become a major reference for many years to come., Your book shall find a most prominent place in my rather extensive aquatic library. Thank you for bringing us all such a treat! Take Care! Claudia D. - CD

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